Custom Data Center Design Build Services

The Data Center is the single most important physical environment within today’s organizations. Without the ability to process data and distribute it to the business, companies would quickly close their doors. Our custom data center design build experience can assist companies in streamlining their data center to provide reliable IT services.

Services – We had the certifications and experience to help you with a custom data center design build project that will help you implement an enterprise data center that supports your business today and tomorrow.
- Assessment and design services from wiring closets to enterprise data centers.
- Maintenance.
- Relocation.
- Conduct Data Center site surveys.
- Design and implement electrical systems to meet current and future needs.
- Assist in network planning, including physical wiring design.

- Design and implement Environmental and HVAC services.
- Physical Security review, plans and recommendations.
- Retro Fit existing Data Center for Hot/Cold isle containment.
- Wiring Planning and Design.
- Emergency Early Warning Detection Systems.
- APC – InfraStruXure Systems.
- HVAC Systems.
- Secure Access and Video Monitoring.
- Raised Floor.
- Generators.
- Data Center monitoring.