Architecture and Design

The design and structure of your application is equally as important as the technical details of its implementation. Software architecture and design forms the backbone for building successful software systems.

A systems architecture can significantly dictate quality attributes such as performance, interoperability, security, and reliability. Architectures are the blueprints for a system, and the carriers of the system’s quality attributes. It represents a capitalized investment, a reusable model that can be transferred from one system to the next. Architecture represents a common vehicle for communication among a system’s stakeholders, and is the arena in which conflicting goals and requirements are mediated.
    The right architecture is the linchpin for software project success. The wrong one is a recipe for disaster. Architecture and Design is a critical and yet cost-effective way of mitigating the substantial risks associated with any software project.

Capabilities – At should we remain focused on maximizing your IT investments by employing professional resources with expertise in such technologies as Microsoft® .NET. This allows us to design, build, deploy and manage your business applications overall architecture and design to ensure you achieve the business results you seek. Our capabilities include:
- Architecture design: We provide a practical approach for developing an architecture that meets your requirements.
- Architecture evaluation: We evaluate software architectures based on your specific quality attributes.
- Architecture Life-Cycle Integration: Building on your vision, we can build bridges between new and existing architectures.
- Architecture reconstruction: We can evaluate poorly performing systems to determine if the architecture is an issue, and if needed, create a plan to move to a new architecture.