Welcome to our Team

Saigon-net's goal is to be the IT system partner of choice for IT Service Providers, their clients and business partners. Saigon-net's mission is to provide its clients with state-of-the-art IT systems, with secure and reliable infrastructure and with creative and innovative solutions, tailor-fitted to the clients' requirements. Saigon-net wants to ensure that its clients achieve and maintain a significant advantage over their competitors in all aspects of IT.

SAI GON VIEN DONG E-COMMERCE SERVICE JOINT-STOCK COMPANY (Saigon-net) founded in 2006 is an Professional Service Provider (PSP) of Information Technology in Vietnam addressing the needs of mid-size and growing organisations.
    We have well- experienced engineers, experts with high level of bachelor, masters degree about IT and the other international valuable as Microsoft, Cisco, Fortinet .... Moreover, with the system management standard ISO 9001:2008, the requirement’s customers are satisfied from product quality, solutions and services that Saigon-net has created for many domestic and foreign enterprises since 1999.

Currently, Saigon-net is a great partner of many well-known corporations around the world. Over 10 years practical experience in the provision of comprehensive solutions and deploy hundreds of large-scale projects, we can grasp the requirements of the project quickly, accurately and offer comprehensive solutions for the project.